Virtual Follow-Ups

reduce cost and improve patient care

Our novel approach

The communication needs of healthcare have many restrictions and specific requirements.

Anonymized access

Ultimate privacy is attained when the patient's identity is never exchanged in any communication. Only the doctor sees the real identity of the patient.

Improved patient-care

The patient can answer questions, upload pictures, chat. Integrated IOT devices add physical measurements in the same secure and anonymised manner.

Nothing to install

No Appstore account needed, no login to remember, nothing to download. Millennials or otherwise, tech-savvy or not, all that is needed is a working smartphone.

Reduced cost

Reduce unnecessary re-admissions by allowing patients to have follow up care via virtual follow-ups. Incrementally deployable, with little IT infrastructure required.

A typical scenario

You just had surgery. Your doctor wants to monitor you closely.

  • The doctor/nurse creates your profile and sends a link to you, for your virtual follow-up.
  • You don't even have to login. No identifiable credentials are ever used in any communication.
  • Communicate, answer questionnaires, upload pictures, chat, ask questions securely.
  • Integrated IOT devices allow your doctor to monitor you in real-time, as he deems necessary.

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